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xetex and graphite (and rust)

So it seems that since the last update xetex depends on graphite2,
though the package doesn't say so. That's readily fixed, but what's
not so readily fixed is that it apparently also depends on harfbuzz
built with graphite2; or at least, the build fails if <hb-graphite2.h>
is missing.

But conversely, harfbuzz is set up to not build against graphite2 if
LIBRSVG_TYPE is not "rust", because apparently building it this way
breaks librsvg-c.

It does not look like xetex is readily patched to work around this.
Does anyone remember what the problem with librsvg-c is, or even when
this came up? I remember it happening but I can't find it in the
archives and the harfbuzz changelogs aren't very clear.

I can probably work around this for myself by expunging librsvg, but
not everyone is in a position to do that, nor is rust universal, so
what's the best way forward?

David A. Holland

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