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Re: Does mozilla-rootcerts-openssl need to be unconditionally NOT_FOR_UNPRIVILEGED?

On 03/11, Jason Bacon wrote:
> The fact is pkgsrc curl out-of-the-box will fail to download many https URLs
> where most other curl binaries will succeed.  People unfamiliar with the
> pkgsrc security policy will likely see this as a bug and develop a poor
> first-impression of pkgsrc.  All we'd have to do in this case is see where
> curl is printing the error message and add another print suggesting that the
> user might need mozilla-rootcerts-openssl.

I think this issue is good to address, so thank you for bringing it up!
But I'm not a fan of patching curl like that.  It seems wrong to put a
pkgsrc-specific message into a non-pkgsrc-specific program.


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