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Re: Does mozilla-rootcerts-openssl need to be unconditionally NOT_FOR_UNPRIVILEGED?

On 2020-03-10 14:27, Greg Troxel wrote:
Jason Bacon <> writes:

Perhaps security/mozilla-rootcerts-openssl should be a run dependency
for www/curl?  As ubiquitous as https is now, anyone using curl will
probably have to install mozilla-rootcerts-openssl anyway.
So far, we have taken the position that NetBSD base does not install
trust anchors by default, and that choosing trust anchors is a decision
by a system administrator, not someone editing a package.

I would say that if we want to revisit this, we should have a pkgsrc
default with a variable, and have it not be related to any particular

Arguably, this is all coming up because curl and wget are now defaulting
to validating certificates rather than not.  But it's not clear excctly
how different not validating is compared to adding 100 trust anchors.
(Yes, I realize it's different - my point is that 100 trust anchors
leads to quite a lot of exposure.)
A valid point.

If we're going to adhere to that policy at the expense of common tools not working out-of-the-box, maybe there's something else we can do for curl users like patch in a user-friendly message stating that it's a security policy and suggesting mozilla-rootcerts-openssl when this type of failure occurs.

Experiencing this sort of failure once and being told it's happening for a good reason and how to fix it in 10 seconds might actually be good PR for the project.

I've seen a couple of people annoyed by this issue in the past and their first inclination was not to use pkgsrc curl or R.  I fixed it for them pretty quickly, but it did result in work delays.


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