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Re: bashism not checked for: [[

On 10.03.2020 16:58, Greg Troxel wrote:
In doing an update of proj, I came across

   if [[ stuff ]]; then

in a Makefile, that were there only one [, as POSIX requires, would have
been fine.

I know that in the case of test == one gets an error (with

So if someone who knows the CHECK_PORTABILITY_* stuff would like to add
a test for test [[ (that only triggers on shell fragments, in scripts or
makefiles, maybe), that would be great.

Please update pkgsrc and install pkgtools/check-portability. If you find
anything that doesn't work, just tell me.

In contrast to the other portability checks, I don't expect this
additional check to make the builds noticeably slower. The existing
checks may later be integrated into check-portability to make them
faster as well.


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