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Re: freeze begins NOW for pkgsrc-2019Q4

nia <> writes:

> zig is now broken because llvm was updated and the version of zig in pkgsrc
> requires the previous llvm release.
> zig could be updated to the next release, but that fails for other reasons -
> NetBSD support being broken for reasons that need investigating.
> To fix it, someone needs to either fix the new zig on NetBSD, or
> (probably easier) reimport llvm8.
> I'd also like to see working zig on on NetBSD in the next pkgsrc release.

So do you mean:

  add one new package lang/llvm8, that does not conflict with lang/llvm

  point zig at llvm8 instead

and nothign else?

That seems ok.

Was the llvm update that broke this recent?

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