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Re: freeze begins NOW for pkgsrc-2019Q4

On Wed, Dec 18, 2019 at 10:12:42AM -0500, Greg Troxel wrote:
> ng0 <> writes:
> > lang/zig is failing and needs a re-import of lang/llvm version 8.
> Can you explain that more fully?  
> > New versions of lang/zig do not build at all (someone (medfly?)
> > was working on a fix), but the old version we have build and
> > works for us.
> You said it fails, then that it works.  I am not following.
> > I have roughly 1300 packages to go before I can touch the tree
> > again, should I wait until freeze is over as fixing requires
> > an import (adding old packages)?
> If there is no compelling reason why something being missing will upset
> a significant numbers of users, and it's a lot of changes and new
> packages, then yes, I would really rather wait.
> It seems we need to have a larger discussion about how we deal with
> clang/llvm and versioning.

zig is now broken because llvm was updated and the version of zig in pkgsrc
requires the previous llvm release.

zig could be updated to the next release, but that fails for other reasons -
NetBSD support being broken for reasons that need investigating.

To fix it, someone needs to either fix the new zig on NetBSD, or
(probably easier) reimport llvm8.

I'd also like to see working zig on on NetBSD in the next pkgsrc release.

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