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freeze begins NOW for pkgsrc-2019Q4

I am handling the freeze for 2019Q4, which begins immediately.

As is my tendency, I am steering hard for stability and packages
building on all supported platforms over freshness.


  Bug fixes to packages welcome, especially those that fix building on
  some platform (but not those that break building on other platforms).

  For packages with <= 25ish depending packages, micro updates only.
  micro is defined as bug fixes only, implying bumping revision, regen
  of distfino, removal of patches applied upstream, and fixing patches
  affected by upstream changes.

  Otherwise, no other updates (and no infrastructure changes).

And of course, ask if you think a change makes sense given the goal of
having packages build on all supported systems, and please explain how
the change meets the stability goals when asking.

Right now, there isn't a planned end time, other than that we avoid
going beyond the quarter.  We'll need to see how things are.

From recent bulk reports, it seems that the tree is in good shape on
NetBSD 9(RC).  I suspect there is serious trouble on NetBSD 7, but most
of that is longstanding.

Testing is very useful and everyone can help with that.  Please kick off
whatever kind of builds you do, be it pbulk, pkg_rr, or manual.


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