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Re: freeze begins NOW for pkgsrc-2019Q4

ng0 <> writes:

> lang/zig is failing and needs a re-import of lang/llvm version 8.

Can you explain that more fully?  

> New versions of lang/zig do not build at all (someone (medfly?)
> was working on a fix), but the old version we have build and
> works for us.

You said it fails, then that it works.  I am not following.

> I have roughly 1300 packages to go before I can touch the tree
> again, should I wait until freeze is over as fixing requires
> an import (adding old packages)?

If there is no compelling reason why something being missing will upset
a significant numbers of users, and it's a lot of changes and new
packages, then yes, I would really rather wait.

It seems we need to have a larger discussion about how we deal with
clang/llvm and versioning.

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