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Re: Is url2pkg used interactively?

Roland Illig writes:
> I did read your previous mail again, but I couldn't find any reason
> besides "I always do it this way".

Yes, I'm just used to it.  Now that I reread the entire thread I also
see that I misunderstood the `invoking the $EDITOR before fetch phase'
vs `invoking the $EDITOR'. I find invoking the $EDITOR as part of
url2pkg useful (in general), but not invoking the $EDITOR before the
fetch phase in particular (probably postponing in next phases the
$EDITOR will be more useful indeed).

> I think running the editor after extracting the distfile makes more
> sense because by that time, url2pkg will have looked at the extracted
> files and will have filled several variables already, which saves you time.
> Do you have any other reason to run the editor in the initial phase?

The only reason to really run it the initial phase before fetching is
to avoid the WARNING, but except that, invoking it in later
phases will be handier.

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