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Re: Is url2pkg used interactively?

Am 03.10.2019 um 22:18 schrieb Leonardo Taccari:
> I always adjust HOMEPAGE, COMMENT and LICENSE during the first edit,
> sometimes adjust MAINTAINER to pkgsrc-users@ and adjust CATEGORIES
> (most of the times I package in pkgsrc/local or pkgsrc/wip and in both
> cases prepopulated `local' or `wip' category needs to be adjusted in
> that case).

All these things that you mentioned don't influence how the package is
fetched or extracted, therefore I don't see a point in running the
editor initially.

In some cases, such as Perl or Python modules, url2pkg even fills in the
HOMEPAGE, the COMMENT or the LICENSE for you. That's a pretty new
feature though, so you might not have noticed it.

By the way, "wip" and "local" are not added to CATEGORIES anymore.
Thanks for the suggestion.

> IMHO it would be nice to keep the behaviour of initially running the
> editor.

For what reason?

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