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lang/gcc7, precompiled headers, and ASLR

While compiling boost-libs with gcc7 (on NetBSD/amd64 8.1, in a
pkg_comp1 chroot), I had a bunch of errors like

libs/math/build/../src/tr1/hermitel.cpp:1:0: fatal error: had to relocate PCH

for different files. Googling this error only gave few hits, suggesting
"precompiled headers" and something with memory management.

Going by "relocate" I guessed that maybe ASLR might be in play here, so
I globally disabled it. Then building worked. Also with 

paxctl +a /scratch/chroot/pkg_comp.amd64-8.1/default/usr/pkg/gcc7/libexec/gcc/x86_64--netbsd/7.4.0/cc1* 

building succeeded.

So I guess at this point that gcc's precompiled headers contain pointers
and are not compatible with ASLR.

So which of the two features do we want to disable for gcc 7? Or is there
another option?  (Other versions of gcc may be affected too, but I did
not check).

Olaf 'Rhialto' Seibert -- rhialto at falu dot nl
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