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Re: Is url2pkg used interactively?

Hello Roland,

Roland Illig writes:
> [...]
> I'm currently extending the url2pkg code, and while doing that I noticed
> that it runs an interactive editor, so that the package developer can
> edit the package Makefile before the distfile is fetched.
> Did you ever edit anything useful at that point, or do you know someone
> who did? I don't see why the interactivity is necessary there, and I'd
> like to remove it. Of course, if there's good reason, I will document it
> and keep it interactive.
> Any other wishes for url2pkg? I recently improved the dependency
> detection for Perl and Python modules and automatically extract the
> license if it's declared unambiguously. Do you know anything else that
> can and should be automated?
> [...]

I always adjust HOMEPAGE, COMMENT and LICENSE during the first edit,
sometimes adjust MAINTAINER to pkgsrc-users@ and adjust CATEGORIES
(most of the times I package in pkgsrc/local or pkgsrc/wip and in both
cases prepopulated `local' or `wip' category needs to be adjusted in
that case).

IMHO it would be nice to keep the behaviour of initially running the

Thanks for working/improving it!

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