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Re: update databases/sqlitebrowser

Brook Milligan <> writes:

> I have been corresponding with upstream and they have agreed to remove
> the "AND NOT APPLE" part of the conditional as you have suggested.
> See

That's great that upstream is responsive to this.

> I will go ahead and commit the equivalent patch (and the unrelated
> ones suggested on this thread).  Should I bump the revision to nb11,
> as well?  My commit will change the dependencies (two
> files will be added).

PKGREVISION should be incremented for any change that causes the bits in
the generated package to be different in any way (other than timestamps,
and perhaps trivial editing of DESCR).  So pretty much the only things
that don't need a bump are comments in Makefiles and build fixes where
it didn't build before, and is unchanged on platforms where it did build

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