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Re: Enchant 2

On 10/28, Benny Siegert wrote:
> After thinking about this some more, perhaps it is better to skip the
> renumbering dance and import Enchant 2 as textproc/enchant2.
> Otherwise, for istance, once we release the next quarterly release
> (where expat is version 2) would be in for a nasty surprise if they
> did a "make replace" in enchant and found that webkit no longer works.
> Having the new package be called enchant2 in the future is ugliness I
> can live with. And it matches what upstream does.

Hi, Benny!

Hmm, my understanding is that the preferred naming scheme is one of the
following, but not both:

1. Bare name for latest plus versioned names for older ones.

2. Versioned names for all.

What you're suggesting doesn't sound like either of those (i.e., it
sounds like "bare name for older plus versioned name for latest").  For
relevant comments on package naming, see these "multimedia/vlc{,2,21}"
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