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Re: Enchant 2

> > 1. Copy textproc/enchant to textproc/enchant1, update all packages to use that.
> > 2. Import from wip/enchant to textproc/enchant, make both versions
> > installable side by side.
> > 3. Update rdepends one by one.
> > 4. Remove enchant1 (hopefully).
> >
> > [...]
> It looks like a good plan.

After thinking about this some more, perhaps it is better to skip the
renumbering dance and import Enchant 2 as textproc/enchant2.
Otherwise, for istance, once we release the next quarterly release
(where expat is version 2) would be in for a nasty surprise if they
did a "make replace" in enchant and found that webkit no longer works.
Having the new package be called enchant2 in the future is ugliness I
can live with. And it matches what upstream does.


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