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Re: Why do we need Python sub-modules?

> While I don't care much about Python, for other packages like perl5 and 
> nagios-plugins, I'm glad someone went into the trouble of factoring out 
> all the heavy-dependencies "standard" modules/components/whatever.

We are talking about dependencies, which are usually shipped with all modern POSIX systems, NetBSD included: libcurses, libedit, libexpat, libpanel.

For me, it is pointless to spend time and effort to artificially exclude those dependencies from Python and deliver incomplete product, leaving the user to figure out which additional packages she/he might need, because the standard Python library has been stripped.

While packaging Python modules, I find it very difficult to determine if why of these extensions (py-expat, py-curses, etc.) are needed. Grep'ing all of the module's files is not a solution here, because the dependencies might be optional, e.g. for testing purposes only.

Please, understand. :)

Kind regards,

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