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clang/llvm 6.0.0


I've recently been working on packages for clang, llvm, compiler-rt,
libcxx, and libcxxabi version 6.0.0 (pre-release).  These are prefixed
under $PREFIX/llvm6 and default to using compiler-rt and libcxx (i.e.
no GCC required).

The branch is here:

and is now able to over 13,500 packages on SmartOS and increasing:

I'd be interested in feedback on implementing things this way and if
anyone else is interested.

Still to do:

 * Proper runtime dependency handling for libcxx/libcxxabi.

 * Something like USE_PKGSRC_CLANG.  I'm currently using a
   bootstrapped prefix to then build the report above but that means
   dependencies on the bootstrap prefix which is no no no.

 * Update to 6.0.0 when released.


Jonathan Perkin  -  Joyent, Inc.  -

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