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Re: clang/llvm 6.0.0

On 16.01.2018 21:22, Jonathan Perkin wrote:
> Hi,
> I've recently been working on packages for clang, llvm, compiler-rt,
> libcxx, and libcxxabi version 6.0.0 (pre-release).  These are prefixed
> under $PREFIX/llvm6 and default to using compiler-rt and libcxx (i.e.
> no GCC required).

Does it mean that we will delete libLLVM? Namespacing the whole
Clang/LLVM toolchain makes sense as each utility can be used as a library.

> The branch is here:
> and is now able to over 13,500 packages on SmartOS and increasing:
> I'd be interested in feedback on implementing things this way and if
> anyone else is interested.
> Still to do:
>  * Proper runtime dependency handling for libcxx/libcxxabi.
>  * Something like USE_PKGSRC_CLANG.  I'm currently using a
>    bootstrapped prefix to then build the report above but that means
>    dependencies on the bootstrap prefix which is no no no.
>  * Update to 6.0.0 when released.

There is merged support for sanitizers (ASan, UBSan) from the Oracle
toolchain team. One patch to go for tests. I'm going to commit it soonas
it has been just accepted.

Part of the Solaris work is post branch 6.0.0.

Could you please add a package for llvm-lit? wip/py-llvm-lit*. This
package is required for the execution of Clang/LLVM tests using the lit

Could you please submit your SunOS patches to and add
as a reviwer <ro>. He has been working on the Oracle Solaris patches.

Are you planning to add a support for building against sanitizers the
pkgsrc packages?

It's worth to include in the llvm6 namespace in one go LLDB and LLD;
even if temporarily without proper SunOS support.

> Cheers,

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