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Re: bump req libxcb

Thomas Klausner <> writes:

> On Fri, Mar 31, 2017 at 10:51:22AM -0400, Greg Troxel wrote:
>> The fragment above seems odd.   It includes xcb in the modular case, or
>> if the base system has an xcb.pc.  But really it should be including xcb
>> iff the libX11 that is selected (which is not about those things)
>> depends on xcb.  And the version requirements should match.
> That is abstract, but sounds correct :)
>> The particular tweak that feels safe is adding
>>   if the inclusion of the bl3 file results in adding pkgsrc-built libX11
>>   to the bl3 tree, then also express the same API depends on xcb as
>>   libX11 did, and bl3 on it.
> The problem is that is a static file that does not have
> the information which library/libraries the installed libX11 was
> linked against, nor do we want to change in general that way,
> because it would be a maintenance nightmare (keeping it in sync with
> all library versions that ever existed) and/or slow builds down a lot
> (if computing it from the installed package; which is not even
> possible if it's not installed yet, e.g. during bulk build pre-scan).

Sure.  I'm talking about making the main decision based on whether the
bl3 file chooses to bl against native or package.   That's missing now.

The logic about "if xcb lib exists, bl3 that too." is suspect, as you
see, but it basically works and I'm not proposing to change it.

>> A larger rewrrite, which feels less safe but more likely to be correct,
>> would be to have the previous condition and replace what's there with
>>   if the inclusion of the bl3 file results in using native libX11 as the
>>   dependency, then if there is a native xcb, bl3 on that too, without
>>   expressing an API level
> But that won't fix the particular problem on NetBSD 6, because there
> we use libX11 from pkgsrc.

Right - that gives the same results as now in the native case, more
simply.  It's the pkgsrc case that's broken.

>> All of this makes me think NetBSD 8 should be released.
> I agree. Or perhaps we should stop supporting X11 from base...

I do agree with Joerg's point that this mixing causes a lot of trouble.

I suspect we should make the fix I have suggested anyway, whether or not
we choose to avoid native X on netbsd-6.

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