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Re: bump req libxcb

Thomas Klausner <> writes:

> So this part in libX11/ is wrong and needs fixing:
> .if ${X11_TYPE} == "modular" || \
>     exists(${X11BASE}/lib/pkgconfig/xcb.pc) || \
>     exists(${X11BASE}/lib${LIBABISUFFIX}/pkgconfig/xcb.pc)
> .include "../../x11/libxcb/"
> .endif


But this is tricky.  Basically I think that "how to bl3 this pkgsrc
package" should be separated from "how to bl3 the builtin" and also "are
we using builtin or not".

The fragment above seems odd.   It includes xcb in the modular case, or
if the base system has an xcb.pc.  But really it should be including xcb
iff the libX11 that is selected (which is not about those things)
depends on xcb.  And the version requirements should match.

The particular tweak that feels safe is adding

  if the inclusion of the bl3 file results in adding pkgsrc-built libX11
  to the bl3 tree, then also express the same API depends on xcb as
  libX11 did, and bl3 on it.

A larger rewrrite, which feels less safe but more likely to be correct,
would be to have the previous condition and replace what's there with

  if the inclusion of the bl3 file results in using native libX11 as the
  dependency, then if there is a native xcb, bl3 on that too, without
  expressing an API level

All of this makes me think NetBSD 8 should be released.  Between old X
and gcc 4.5, NetBSD 6 is getting hard to support.   But really, we
should anywayn.

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