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Re: wanderer writes:

> Am 17.02.2016 15:54 schrieb Greg Troxel <>:
>> youri <> writes: 
>> > please use pkglint -Wall -Call to make the package clean 
>> Are these default? It seems odd to ask people to make things 
>> pkglint-clean with non-default options. (Perhaps defaults should be 
>> changed.) 
> The current defaults are reasonable for making good packages, so
> running "pkglint" alone is usually enough.

My point is really that we more or less have "clean pkglint run" as a
quality standard (modulo that clean on 1.4 or 1.5 is acceptable for
import or update).  So that should correspond to the default invocation.

Until pkglint is portable, I also think we shouldn't expect people to
run 1.5, although certainly it's fair to expect that any actual bug
found by 1.5, once pointed out, should be fixed.

> Only when that says "looks fine" should you use the advanced
> options. These also check things like whitespace, which are not
> necessary for making the package more correct.

Whitespace being right seems like part of our standards, so it seems
like that should be on by default.

> The -Wall option also
> includes some warnings that are experimental or sometimes wrong,
> therefore they are not enabled by default. For example, I recently
> found that pkglint is not correct about adding or removing the :Q
> modifier from variables. When that problem is resolved, I will think
> about including these warnings in the default settings.

In that case they should probably be in -Wexperimental instead of -Wall
so as not to confuse people.

Overall, I think we should only ask people to fix things that are actual
bugs, are failures to meet documented standards in the guide, or are
widely understood to be incorrect (and no one has gotten to document
them but should).  Some of the things in the extra options probably fall
into that category, and I'd like to see those as default, basically
using "would you expect someone to fix this" as the test.

(And I'm glad you are improving pkglint; I think it helps pkgsrc quality
a lot.)

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