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Re: math/capc-calc wants /usr/include but osx 10.11 moved it out of /usr

Chuck Cranor <> writes:

> On Sat, Jan 09, 2016 at 06:29:31PM +0000, Jonathan Perkin wrote:
>> * On 2016-01-09 at 16:58 GMT, Chuck Cranor wrote:
>> For Darwin-specific sections you can use ${OSX_SDK_PATH}/usr/include,
>> this will evaluate to the correct path for the host machine, see
>> mk/platform/ for how it is set.  
> I checked with the calc guys, and they suggest running
> 	xcode-select --install
> which claims to "open a dialog for installation of the command line 
> developer tools" ...   You would think that if you've got a 
> working "make", "cc" etc. from the command line, then this wouldn't
> be necessary.   

There's having a working compiler, and then there's having the header
files for the system.  I think you mean both.

> But it seems that "xcode-select --install" also populates /usr/include
> even with the rootless sip security enabled.   should we expect pkgsrc
> users to do this on 10.11?

My impression is that on 10.11, having XCode installed should be
adequate, and (now on very thin ice) putting things in /usr/include is
papering over a bug in the upstream package which is dealing with
includes by other than just including them.

The other view is that having a build system where the includes are not
in /usr/include is broken.  The third view is that it's a cross build,
rather than a native build, and again anything that looks in
/usr/include instead of the cross root is broken.

So far I am not convinced that on 10.11 (which has an XCode with a 10.11
SDK) we should recommend installing command-line tools.

I think the real question is if calc is relying on finding include with
specific paths, why, and then what we (and upstream) should do.

If we do want to add OSX-specific environments to find things, we'll
definitely want to condition it as narrowly as possible.

FWIW, building it on 10.7 blows up with not having size_t declared.

There's a separate issue, which is that on 10.10, XCode only provides an
SDK for 10.11, and one needs command-line tools to have a working build
environment to build 10.10 binaries (instead of 10.11 binaries, which
are technically wrong on 10.10 but mostly or perhaps even entirely

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