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Related TeX problem? (was: Rebootstrapped on Darwin)

On 18/12/15 14:19, Jonathan Perkin wrote:
> Ignore that, I'd forgotten that my bulk builds are done in a sanitised
> environment.  If I set LC_CTYPE=en_GB.UTF-8 then I see the issue too.

   Good, I guess.  :)

> The cause is the 'appendix' subst stage, we could work around it
> easily enough but I fear there will probably be quite a few lurking.
> I'll send a separate proposal to enable sed on El Capitan for the
> branch.  After the branch we can look at enabling bulk builds to
> exacerbate this issue and see if we can clean them up or sanitise the
> environment globally as Thomas suggested in an earlier thread.

   As I saw the message in the thread from Edgar Fuß I realized this may
be related to another issue I was about to report on.

   I'm having some trouble with latex in this latest build.  If I build
tex-hypen-<whatever>, then whenever I try to build a document, I get a
bunch of warnings/errors, and the contents of some of the hyphen data
gets dumped into the first page of my document.  After a quick search
for one of the warnings it prints, it was suggested that there's a
mismatch between character encoding in the actual file and the one
requested using inputenc, but these are document builds which went fine
before I rebuilt anything.

   To test this, just run:

   $ latex text.tex







   (Note that the document doesn't even contain any utf-8, so it's
something outside of test.tex).

   I tried with tex-hyphen-{english,swedish}, and if one or both of them
are installed, an error occurs.  If I pkg_delete tex-hypen-* no
errors/warnings occur.

   I'm way too much of an end-user of latex to be able to investigate
this easily in any meaningful manner, but I'll try to rebuild using
nbsed and nawk and see it if help.  If not, any pointers from someone
well-versed in debugging latex-problems would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,

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