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Re: Rebootstrapped on Darwin

* On 2015-12-18 at 03:01 GMT, Jan Danielsson wrote:

> Hello,
>    I decided to rebootstrap pkgsrc; and for that I used the following:
>    $ ./bootstrap --unprivileged --abi=64 --compiler=clang
>    (Wasn't there a change a while back which made abi=64 by default?
> And I would assume clang is default on Darwin?).
>    Anywho, in my old ~/pkg/etc/mk.conf I had:
>    TOOLS_PLATFORM.awk?=		/Users/jan/pkg/bin/nawk
>    TOOLS_PLATFORM.sed?=		/Users/jan/pkg/bin/nbsed
>    When I checked the newly generated mk.conf those two lines were not
> present, so I assumed that they were no longer needed and commented them
> out.  But now at least two packages (gpg2 and boost-docs) croak when
> attempting to run sed, with the error "RE error: illegal byte sequence".

The logic in pkgsrc/bootstrap/bootstrap only builds awk and sed for
Darwin 10.8 - 10.10, so on El Capitan they will not be built.  Rather
than adding all future versions, we tend to only add releases that
have been tested.

I've been performing bulk builds on El Capitan for a little while and
haven't seen any fallout from them using the native awk/sed, other
than some noise from the check-interpreter test which I fixed last
month.  Are you running latest pkgsrc with this fix, or is your sed
noise coming from somewhere else?

> I don't recall adding the TOOLS_PLATFORM.* entries manually, though
> it was years ago since I created the initial mk.conf, so I'm not sure.
> It seems like at least sed from pkgsrc is needed; but why is it no
> longer built as a part of the bootstrap?  (Or do I not remember
> correctly, and it never was?).

If it is truly needed then we will add it back, though I'd prefer to
fixup the parts of pkgsrc which do not work with the native sed so we
don't have to.


Jonathan Perkin  -  Joyent, Inc.  -

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