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Rebootstrapped on Darwin


   I decided to rebootstrap pkgsrc; and for that I used the following:

   $ ./bootstrap --unprivileged --abi=64 --compiler=clang

   (Wasn't there a change a while back which made abi=64 by default?
And I would assume clang is default on Darwin?).

   Anywho, in my old ~/pkg/etc/mk.conf I had:

   TOOLS_PLATFORM.awk?=		/Users/jan/pkg/bin/nawk
   TOOLS_PLATFORM.sed?=		/Users/jan/pkg/bin/nbsed

   When I checked the newly generated mk.conf those two lines were not
present, so I assumed that they were no longer needed and commented them
out.  But now at least two packages (gpg2 and boost-docs) croak when
attempting to run sed, with the error "RE error: illegal byte sequence".

   I don't recall adding the TOOLS_PLATFORM.* entries manually, though
it was years ago since I created the initial mk.conf, so I'm not sure.
It seems like at least sed from pkgsrc is needed; but why is it no
longer built as a part of the bootstrap?  (Or do I not remember
correctly, and it never was?).

Kind Regards,

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