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Re: Rebootstrapped on Darwin

On 18/12/15 09:21, Jonathan Perkin wrote:
> The logic in pkgsrc/bootstrap/bootstrap only builds awk and sed for
> Darwin 10.8 - 10.10, so on El Capitan they will not be built.  Rather
> than adding all future versions, we tend to only add releases that
> have been tested.

   Oh, sorry -- I see now that I forgot to mention that it was
concerning El Capitan.

> I've been performing bulk builds on El Capitan for a little while and
> haven't seen any fallout from them using the native awk/sed, other
> than some noise from the check-interpreter test which I fixed last
> month.  Are you running latest pkgsrc with this fix, or is your sed
> noise coming from somewhere else?

   I checked out pkgsrc mere hours before I wrote the mail.  (Note: I
use the fossil repository, so if anyone made any changes within the last
24 hours or so I might have missed those).

>> I don't recall adding the TOOLS_PLATFORM.* entries manually, though
>> it was years ago since I created the initial mk.conf, so I'm not sure.
>> It seems like at least sed from pkgsrc is needed; but why is it no
>> longer built as a part of the bootstrap?  (Or do I not remember
>> correctly, and it never was?).
> If it is truly needed then we will add it back, though I'd prefer to
> fixup the parts of pkgsrc which do not work with the native sed so we
> don't have to.

   I'm pretty sure at least nbsed is needed, unless these are isolated
case where the packages need to be fixed -- I didn't actually
investigate why the RE's failed.

   It's easily checked against boost-docs; that package directly fails
with the sed-error.  When I build gpg2 it's a dependency which fails
(dir* something, I can't recall (t'was at bedtime)).

Kind Regards,

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