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Re: libepoxy on OS X, gtk3

Tobias Nygren <> writes:

>> There's AFAIK nothing in pkgsrc that needs libepoxy apart from gtk3 and
>> the X server, so I assume the X11 support was dropped to fix some
>> package that is not yet committed? It would be useful to know the
>> motivation behind the change; without that I cannot suggest any
>> solutions beyond reverting it.
> I added an x11 option to the package for now. When we gain packages
> that can work with native UI toolkit on OS X it might be better to add a
> separate libepoxy-nox11 package that can coexist with libepoxy.

Now I can build gtk3 against libepoxy with no options, so things seem

I don't follow why X11_TYPE=native is different from X11_TYPE=modular.
As I understand it, native means XQuartz from a dmg, more or less, and
modular is more or less the same code built from pkgsrc.   It looks like
libepoxy would fail with X11_TYPE=modular.

Separately from this and longer term, it seems that we perhaps need a
X11_TYPE=none for systems without X11, so that skipping X can be cleanly
set once.  As far as I can tell, so far pkgsrc has not really supported
the concept of not having X11.   Adam: can you explain what you set to
build without X11?  Or is it just that you don't build anything that
tends to want X11?

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