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libepoxy on OS X, gtk3

I am building on OS X 10.9 with dmg-installed Xquartz, not having moved
to modular/in-tree yet.

A while ago, I found that gtk3 would not build, because libepoxy didn't
install glx.  This was a mess because upstream is trying to support a
notion that libepoxy might not require X, when really things that depend
on it expect it to provide them.   I fixed this on 2015-09-14.

Now, the failure is happening again - gtk3 doesn't build.

I haven't sorted through all the changes, but it looks like adam@'s
changes of 2015-11-19 removed the workaround for the upstream
exclude-glx bug.

I can certainly see having an option to not use x11 for this; I'm not
sure what it's then useful for (native quartz).   But certainly x11 apps
that use it like gtk3 are mainstream enough that they have to work.

How do people build gtk3 with x11 on OS X?

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