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Re: libepoxy on OS X, gtk3

On Mon, 30 Nov 2015 08:28:36 -0500
Greg Troxel <> wrote:

> I am building on OS X 10.9 with dmg-installed Xquartz, not having moved
> to modular/in-tree yet.
> A while ago, I found that gtk3 would not build, because libepoxy didn't
> install glx.  This was a mess because upstream is trying to support a
> notion that libepoxy might not require X, when really things that depend
> on it expect it to provide them.   I fixed this on 2015-09-14.
> Now, the failure is happening again - gtk3 doesn't build.
> I haven't sorted through all the changes, but it looks like adam@'s
> changes of 2015-11-19 removed the workaround for the upstream
> exclude-glx bug.
> I can certainly see having an option to not use x11 for this; I'm not
> sure what it's then useful for (native quartz).   But certainly x11 apps
> that use it like gtk3 are mainstream enough that they have to work.
> How do people build gtk3 with x11 on OS X?

There's AFAIK nothing in pkgsrc that needs libepoxy apart from gtk3 and
the X server, so I assume the X11 support was dropped to fix some
package that is not yet committed? It would be useful to know the
motivation behind the change; without that I cannot suggest any
solutions beyond reverting it.


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