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Re: rsync and pbulk

On Sat, Oct 24, 2015 at 06:01:57PM +0200, Richard PALO wrote:
> Le 24/10/15 16:03, Joerg Sonnenberger a écrit :
> >>
> >> I can work around this by creating a test sandbox .. in there it worked.
> > 
> > As I don't include the chroot setup in pbulk, I naturally have it
> > outside. For that, I always set up in more chroot for testing things :)
> > 
> > Joerg
> > 
> impossible to get a successful bulkbuild-restart although as mentioned,
> in a sandbox, bulkbuild-rebuild is okay.
> There must be something awry between your recent changes and the Joyent patches for 
> parallel and distributed chroot... too bad, it was working okay a few days ago... 
> I'll take a look again, perhaps the patch-a-thon went bad.
> As to the error file, it might be an alternative to [re-]generate it at
> the very end and perhaps only `touch' an error.<pkgname> somewhere in the meanwhile.
> That would at least get over the file update issue in the shell as bulkbuild-rebuild
> could delete the file if it exists upon success ... thinking out loud here.

Well, you could prefilter the error file just as well before restart,
e.g. if no matching directory exists, remove it.


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