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Re: rsync and pbulk

Le 24/10/15 16:03, Joerg Sonnenberger a écrit :
>> I can work around this by creating a test sandbox .. in there it worked.
> As I don't include the chroot setup in pbulk, I naturally have it
> outside. For that, I always set up in more chroot for testing things :)
> Joerg
impossible to get a successful bulkbuild-restart although as mentioned,
in a sandbox, bulkbuild-rebuild is okay.

There must be something awry between your recent changes and the Joyent patches for 
parallel and distributed chroot... too bad, it was working okay a few days ago... 

I'll take a look again, perhaps the patch-a-thon went bad.

As to the error file, it might be an alternative to [re-]generate it at
the very end and perhaps only `touch' an error.<pkgname> somewhere in the meanwhile.

That would at least get over the file update issue in the shell as bulkbuild-rebuild
could delete the file if it exists upon success ... thinking out loud here.

Richard PALO

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