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Re: cups15=>cups

Richard PALO <> writes:

> Le 06/09/15 10:13, Richard PALO a écrit :
>> Le 06/09/15 01:48, Greg Troxel a écrit :
>>> Have you actually testied cups (not cups15) with a local USB printer, or
>>> a local printer of any kind?   It seems people have avoided that, and
>>> some have had trouble, and it's hard to tell how well it works.
>> No, only network printers... but as I said, everything that needed libusb I had
>> to leave alone not being available for SunOS.  
>> Let's wait until after the imminent freeze is lifted and embark on the new adventure.
>> In the meanwhile, if libusb works for anybody, they should be able to help with the libusb/cups
>> issues, if there are any.
> I'm curious if the case of the NetBSD USB problems (if there are any) aren't related to libusb?
> Looking at diffs in git indicates that usb.c and usb-unix.c only really had any cosmetic updates.
> usb-libusb.c, on the other hand, had an overhaul of sorts.
> If this is the case, perhaps removing libusb from suggested options is a possibility...
> Anybody in a position to try?

The issue is that for many printers, only the libusb path really works
at all.

What printers and what systems have you tried with?
What happened?

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