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Re: cups15=>cups

Le 06/09/15 10:13, Richard PALO a écrit :
> Le 06/09/15 01:48, Greg Troxel a écrit :
>> Have you actually testied cups (not cups15) with a local USB printer, or
>> a local printer of any kind?   It seems people have avoided that, and
>> some have had trouble, and it's hard to tell how well it works.
> No, only network printers... but as I said, everything that needed libusb I had
> to leave alone not being available for SunOS.  
> Let's wait until after the imminent freeze is lifted and embark on the new adventure.
> In the meanwhile, if libusb works for anybody, they should be able to help with the libusb/cups
> issues, if there are any.

I'm curious if the case of the NetBSD USB problems (if there are any) aren't related to libusb?

Looking at diffs in git indicates that usb.c and usb-unix.c only really had any cosmetic updates.

usb-libusb.c, on the other hand, had an overhaul of sorts.

If this is the case, perhaps removing libusb from suggested options is a possibility...

Anybody in a position to try?

Richard PALO

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