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I have a number of cups15=>cups updates:
> net/freerdp
> print/adobeps-win
> print/cups-drivers-Magicolor5440DL
> print/epdfview
> print/foomatic-filters-cups
> print/foomatic-filters
> print/foomatic-ppds-cups
> print/foomatic4-filters
> print/ghostscript-gpl
> print/gutenprint-lib
> print/libgnomecups
> print/p5-Net-CUPS
> print/py-cups
> print/scribus-qt4
> print/scribus
> print/xpp
> x11/gtk2
> x11/gtk3
> x11/kdelibs3
> x11/qt3-libs
> x11/qt4-libs
> x11/qt5-qtbase

There are about a dozen others I haven't been able to attend to, either I can't build on SunOS
because of a libusb dependency, or simply time to workout other issues such as missing magic.h in qpdfview.h... 

anybody opposed or would like a copy of the patch first, give a buzz before the end of next week.
(at the request of wiz@)

Richard PALO

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