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Re: Thoughts about bringing back old bulk build system

On Fri, Aug 07, 2015 at 07:12:16PM +0000, Taylor R Campbell wrote:
 > The secondary barrier is the highly-depended packages such as Perl and
 > Python that don't cross-build currently.  Short of fixing them to
 > cross-build properly, one could invent a mechanism (or just do it
 > manually) to build them natively, perhaps using distcc, and copy the
 > binary packages to the cross-building host.

There's also the scheme I proposed a while back: using a cross-chroot
where most of the bins are native and the compiler is a
cross-compiler, coupled with kernel support for transparently invoking
an emulator to run target binaries. Then the build would mostly be
fast, but things like miniperl would run transparently.

This is kind of blue-sky though. Producing such a cross-chroot isn't
completely trivial and the process for doing so would need to be
automated. The kernel hacks for invoking an emulator aren't so hard;
but AFAIK suitable emulators don't really exist out of the box either

Someone would have to take it up; I don't remotely have time...

As for pbulk and memory usage, it seems like this is just a bug that
should be fixed.

David A. Holland

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