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Re: Thoughts about bringing back old bulk build system

David Brownlee <> writes:

> On 7 August 2015 18:26:49 BST, John Klos <> wrote:
>>The old mk/bulk/build code was removed in favor of pbulk. However,
>>is unusable on systems which have less than 512 megs of memory.
>>I'd like to get feedback about ways to practically run bulk builds on
>>modest architectures (VAX, m68k, sh3, perhaps MIPS certain and SPARC).
>>Would bringing mk/bulk/build back be best? Does anyone have any other 
>>thoughts or suggestions?
> Discussions keep returning to cross building. It seems it would be a
> nice to be able to at least run pbulk on a fast box and remote shell
> for ~everything to native build box{,es]

Agreed.  While natively working would be nice, running the pbulk master
on a big-memory box and using the native ones to acutally do builds
sounds good.  Then one could distcc to cross-compile, and eventually
make more of pkgsrc crossbuildable.

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