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Re: wip/tme (i.e, sun/sparc emulator)

Ruben Agin <> writes:

> I added this to DESCR & also put it in the commit message itself.
> I also added a MESSAGE file, but I'm not sure that's what you meant by 
> COMMIT_MSG.  I couldn't find this variable anywhere (I'm still new to pkgsrc).

COMMIT_MSG isn't actually interpreted by pkgsrc at all.  I just meant
that to be a place to put the content that will be the message used when
doing the cvs add to pkgsrc proper.

>> Have you talked to Matt?  It would be nice to have his opinion, as one
>> question is if this should be a new tme1 vs replacing the old.
> No, I have not.  Of course I want his opinion, if he is around.  I don't
> really know how to get in touch with him, but hopefully he will see this
> at some point.  I would certainly like his blessing.  My feeling is that
> it should be a replacement, but he may feel otherwise and I would respect
> that.   

OK; I forwarded it on; we'll see what happens.

>> It looks like you dropped some clang patches; presumably those are all
>> rolled in (that would be in COMMIT_MSG :-) and this builds ok with clang
>> too.
> Sorry that I neglected to say that I had rolled in all the original patches
> where applicable.  It does work with clang, without those patches.  Adding them 
> didn't seem to have any effect, so I left them out to simplify things.

As in there are no more warnings without the patches?  If so that sounds
ok, more or less.

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