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Re: wip/tme (i.e, sun/sparc emulator)

Ruben Agin <> writes:

> I'm requesting feedback/input for the wip/tme package.  It should
> compile on most pkgsrc-supported host platforms.  You can find
> documentation at website for any brave souls who wish to
> try it out.  This is a new package meant as an upgrade to the existing
> emulators/tme.  Original instructions for that should still apply
> (  New documentation is still 
> evolving and is currently very raw, so feel free to send me any 
> questions or clarification requests.

The DESCR should explain that it's a fork.  (It would be nice to have a
COMMIT_MSG in wip so that can be looked at.)

Have you talked to Matt?  It would be nice to have his opinion, as one
question is if this should be a new tme1 vs replacing the old.

It looks like you dropped some clang patches; presumably those are all
rolled in (that would be in COMMIT_MSG :-) and this builds ok with clang

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