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wip/tme (i.e, sun/sparc emulator)


I'm requesting feedback/input for the wip/tme package.  It should
compile on most pkgsrc-supported host platforms.  You can find
documentation at website for any brave souls who wish to
try it out.  This is a new package meant as an upgrade to the existing
emulators/tme.  Original instructions for that should still apply
(  New documentation is still 
evolving and is currently very raw, so feel free to send me any 
questions or clarification requests.

It is basically a usable emulator for sun2/sun3/sparc/ultra systems.
You can run the latest NetBSD or OpenBSD as guest OS's for the given
architectures, as well as Solaris.  New features include support for 
GTK3 and outgoing NAT from a TAP device using, e.g., NPF.  You can set
up an internal network of emulated machines, networked together 
using BPF on TAP.  Numerous other fixes and stability improvements have 
been made as well.  If you have any questions/comments/suggestions, again 
feel free to email me.


Ruben Agin (

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