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Re: wip/publicfile-run: review request

On Fri, Jan 16, 2015 at 11:44:30PM +0100, rudolf wrote:

> I can think of another way to make both camps (DJB purists and pkgsrc
> purists) happy. By merging the -run packages to originals and making a
> PKG_OPTIONS option (e.g. "djb-pure"), which causes the package to be
> installed without the -run parts. This new option should be probably off by
> default, because the DJB purists ought to compile by hand so it's easy for
> them to switch the option and the usual pkgsrc users would probably like to
> use binary packages with all the -run stuff in.

I think I'd argue for djb-purity by default, which would seem to
be an argument in favor of having the build-time option, except
that we can't usefully bulk-build permutations of non-default
options, so it seems to be an argument in favor of separate packages
for separate intentions. Which is too bad, because I thought I was
going to like the idea. :-)

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