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Re: wip/publicfile-run: review request

"J. Lewis Muir" <> writes:

> I've added publicfile-run to pkgsrc-wip and would like to request a
> review if possible.
> It's a package providing NetBSD-style rc.d scripts for running
> publicfile HTTP and FTP services.  It is similar in spirit to
> net/djbdns-run and mail/qmail-run.

Typically, we provide rc.d files for a package with the package itself,
so that when users install the package, they show up (in the examples
directory) or in /etc/rc.d (with PKG_RCD_SCRIPTS).  So, I wonder why a
separate package.

But there seems to be a djb-issue here.  If that's the issue, it should
be noted in DESCR, because this separate arrangement is contrary to our
packaging norms.  But I don't understand that; it may be that we feel we
don't have permission to distribute packages at all, but I don't see any
reason not to add rc.d files.  (Also, given his public domain
declarations for other code, it seems reasonable to ask him to add a
public domain declaration for publicfile.)

This has a MESSAGE.  Not specifically about this (and I realize you are
trying to follow existing practice), but I am feeling that MESSAGE is
more and more overused.  It's fine for a package to install a README in
share/doc/package/README or some such, and that's where people should go
to understand how to use it.  Especially with package managers, MESSAGE
files are both overly verbose and easy to miss.  I wonder if any of the
uses of MESSAGE in pkgsrc are really appropriate; perhaps MESSAGE should
go away, or mostly go away.

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