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wip/publicfile-run: review request


I've added publicfile-run to pkgsrc-wip and would like to request a
review if possible.

It's a package providing NetBSD-style rc.d scripts for running
publicfile HTTP and FTP services.  It is similar in spirit to
net/djbdns-run and mail/qmail-run.

I've tested on amd64 NetBSD 6 stable.

If you don't want to read about the structure of the public files
directory for reviewing, you can create it like this to serve localhost
requests (assuming VARBASE is /var):

# umask 022
# mkdir /var/public
# cd /var/public
# mkdir 0
# echo 'hello, world' > 0/hello.txt
# ln -s 0 localhost

Now, after starting the FTP service, FTP requests will be served
relative to /var/public/0, so you can connect and get the hello.txt

Similarly, after starting the HTTP service, you can request the
following URL:


Thank you!



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