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Re: (draft to ARRL) Re: MESSAGE issue (Re: licenses/arrl-license (Re: ham/trustedQSL)

* On 2013-09-12 at 15:10 BST, Makoto Fujiwara wrote:

> ===========================================================================
> $NetBSD$
> To start the application, just type tqsl in shell. You will see
> the icons for operations (with Window facility).
> For help, man tqsl or see the following HTML file.
>   /usr/pkg/share/TrustedQSL/help/tqslapp/main.htm
> Starting with 2.0, tqslcert function is included in tqsl,
> the command tqslcert by itself is no longer provided.
> Starting with 1.14, command line processing is available.
>   tqsl -h or tqsl --help   will show the help message.
> The software is basically modified-bsd license, but a little bit more,
> please look at following file for the detailed information.
>   /usr/pkg/share/TrustedQSL/LICENSE.txt
> ===========================================================================

None of this MESSAGE file is relevant.  The point of MESSAGE is to
make plain any important actions the administrator should undertake
now that the package is installed, such as installing rc.d scripts or
securing their MySQL install.

Think about a user who installs this package along with hundreds of
others in a single transaction.  Having a large amount of text like
this just makes it more likely they will miss something which is
actually important and affects the function or security of the
packages they just installed.

As for the license, either it is BSD or it isn't.  If you believe it
is sufficiently different from BSD to warrant a MESSAGE, then I
suggest it should have its own license type so that users can select
whether they agree to its terms or not, and so that it shows up in the
LICENSE field of the binary package.


Jonathan Perkin  -  Joyent, Inc.  -

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