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Re: licenses/arrl-license (Re: ham/trustedQSL)

Joerg, thanks for good advice. I'll do that.

My plan
(1) Import ham/trustedQSL from wip almost as it is.

and in parallel,
(2) Ask ARRL (TrustedQSL developer, American Radio Relay League)
 that is following OK ?
  *  classify your license as our modified-bsd, meaning that 
    - Usually user is freely build and install, or install binary 
      package without special restriction because of modified-bsd license
      (as attached)
  *  Install LICENSE.txt as /usr/pkg/share/TrustedQSL/LICENSE.txt
  *  Show MESSAGE when make install or pkg_add is done to let users know
     the license is described in that file

(3) If they give us OK, I will put LICENSE= modified-bsd in Makefile.
(4) If No, add licenses/arrl-license file and on DEFAULT_ACCEPTABLE_LICENSES.

Please comment (more).
Thanks again,
$NetBSD: modified-bsd,v 1.1 2009/04/22 14:50:18 gdt Exp $

This is an example; packages setting LICENSE=modified-bsd of course
have different copyright holders, but should have the same terms.
This license is also called "3-clause BSD".
  ... ( omitted ) ...

Makoto Fujiwara

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