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(draft to ARRL) Re: MESSAGE issue (Re: licenses/arrl-license (Re: ham/trustedQSL)

Joerg, thanks again for the discussion. Really helps.

| Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2013 14:34:55 +0200
| Message-ID: <>

> No, I just mean "include the LICENSE.txt file, but don't show it in the

Yes, I understood what you wrote as above, sorry for any confusion ;-(

> I just don't believe the license is important enough to be shown during
> installation. Post-installation instructions are a completely different
> deal.

I partly agree on 'completely different deal' when looking at
the man page of option -D part of pkg_info(1).

But due to no 'Show license' option for pkg_info, I would like to use
-D option for the license as interim solution :-)

I would attach the draft of my letter to ARRL developers.

Thank you again, for reading.
Makoto Fujiwara
Hi, as I was writing a few times, I am preparing
the tqsl package for NetBSD and others with 'pkgsrc'.

  The work so far was done on WIP, work in progress project of

  There were several reasons for having kept in WIP, but I
think they are almost cleared and it is ready to import pkgsrc
proper.  In pkgsrc we have quarterly releases a year, and it is
time for 2013Q3.

  In doing that, I need to clarify the license. I know tqsl
has LICENSE.txt in source distribution, and it is basically
the same as our classification of modified-bsd (The full text
of modified-bsd is attached in this mail [2]). But not exactly
the same.

  I would like to have tqsl license setup as
   LICENSE= modified-bsd
in package description (it is really just a line in Makefile).
This means that
  - Users are freely build and install, or install binary 
    package without special restriction because of modified-bsd license

I don't believe this is enough when reading your LICENSE.txt,
so I'm planning to have: 

1. To have LICENSE.txt installed as
   where typical ${PREFIX} is /usr/pkg.

2. To show MESSAGE when the package is added from pre-build
binary package or 'make install' from source distribution
(pkgsrc allows both type for users choice). See [1]

Could you hear me your comments on this issue ? Thanks a lot,

MESSAGE appears when binary package added or 'make
package-install' from source.

To start the application, just type tqsl in shell. You will see
the icons for operations (with Window facility).

For help, man tqsl or see the following HTML file.

Starting with 2.0, tqslcert function is included in tqsl,
the command tqslcert by itself is no longer provided.

Starting with 1.14, command line processing is available.
  tqsl -h or tqsl --help   will show the help message.

The software is basically modified-bsd license, but a little bit more,
please look at following file for the detailed information.

[2] licenses/modified-bsd full text
 ... (omitted) ...

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