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MESSAGE issue (Re: licenses/arrl-license (Re: ham/trustedQSL)

Thank you, joerg.

The point about the MESSAGE, I have serveral reason for that.
(1) If we omit the MESSAGE for the license, it apparently
implies replacing there LICENSE.txt by our licenses/modified-bsd.

Because Makefile (may have) LICENSE= modifile-bsd, and
user may not notice the detail of the license condition.

This won't be acceptable by ARRL, I am afraid.

(At writing of previous mail, I had one option there that,
asking ARRL to replace there LICENSE.txt in their distribution by
our modified-bsd. It would be great, but this clearly won't
happen and deleted from my draft).

(2) MESSAGE (for now in wip) has already some information at
installation. Not silent. LICENSE part is one thirds of
existing MESSAGE.

(3) Some individuals with very good memory, knowlegde and
perspective may feel (existing) MESSAGE very noisy. I imagine
this may happen.  But if, say, somebody without strong reason,
install the package, they do not know what is the next thing
to do after installation.

Some small instruction is (I feel) important such a case (by
the way, I'm talking MESSAGE necessity in general at this

How to get the info, how to check the installation, where is
the man pages (if not standard), are the examples (but only if
they are non standard).

Sorry to mention of myself, but I had so many instances 
not knowing how to do after make install or pkg_add.
Thank you for reading.
Makoto Fujiwara

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