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Re: handling moved configuration files

  Maybe it's better to convert it at once then (doveconf -n dovecot.conf >
  dovecot/dovecot.conf), if the old config exists and the new one doesn't.
  But I'm not aware of prior art for such things in pkgsrc.

pgsql, which has big warnings to dump/restore and think hard.  But mail
should be simpler for users.  If there is support to convert the config
file, and we can script doing that and parking the old one in 20 lines
of /bin/sh, I think that's a great approach.

  Also I wonder at what point we could remove such logic then.  After the
  next stable branch?

That's vastly too soon.  It's ok to remove the logic when the pain of
keeping it outweighs the usefulness to people who have not yet upgraded.
That's probably in 1.5-3 years.

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