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handling moved configuration files


I'm prepraring an update for the mail/dovecot package to 2.0 (major
update), and the single config file (dovecot.conf) is now split into
multiple config files in a dovecot/ subdir of PKG_SYSCONFBASE.

New installations are fine, but I'm wondering how to handle package
upgrades here.

Dovecot 2.0 can still read the old 1.2.x config file, and even convert
it to a 2.0 config, but by default (ie. without modifying the package)
it will only look in the new location (in the subdir) and thus ignore
your old config.

Should I try to make upgrades work automatically (not use a subdir, set
up copies or symlinks to the old configuration, modifying dovecot, ...)
or is it sufficient to just put a warning in MESSAGE that people should
upgrade their config and use the new location?  (there is documentation
I can point to)


Geert Hendrickx  -=-  -=-  PGP: 0xC4BB9E9F
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