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Re: CONFLICTS variable is terrible

 >> 2) I didn't claim CONFLICTS can always be detected automatically.
 >>    I wrote a tool for detecting conflicts in PLISTs only.

> How to decide before I waste time downloading a package and its many 
> dependencies and begin extracting / installing all of them to later find 
> somewhere in that process that there is a conflict?
AFAIU +CONTENTS file is at the very beginning of tarball.
So, this checks may be done as soon as downloading starts.

> I agree we should work at fixing packages so they can install at same time 
> (like "git").
Good news.

> But I still don't understand the value of getting rid of a CONFLICTS
> variable. (I read all your emails about this I think.)
1) An information about common file names is already present in binary
   itself.  This is a list of files to be installed. As it was noted before
   this is true if conflicting files are not created at
   postinstallation stage. Not a big problem I think.
2) As it was shown it is almost impossible to keep CONFLICTS up-to-date.
   There are hundreds of unregistered conflicts in pkgsrc packages.
   And checks for such conflicts was not automated during 11 years.
   (This is just the fact which doesn't blame anybody!)

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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