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Re: CONFLICTS variable is terrible

 >>  >>  >> 3) Why not to remove CONFLICTS variable at all?
 >>  >>
 >>  >>> How to detect CONFLISTS before installation from source?
 >>  >> Filenames from currently installed package (before unpacking)
 >>  >> should be checked against filenames stored in database.
 >>> It's binary package behaviour.
 >>> Again, "Install from source".
 >> "Install from source" should be implemented as "Create binary package"
 >> and then "Install binary". This is why DESTDIR appeared. And this is
 >> pkgsrc's long-term goal. Right? Anyway do not create new unnecessary
 >> entities. Package installation should be implemented in ONE way,
 >> one way for binary package and 'make install'. Sooner or later.

> It's a answer I expected :-)
OpenBSD guys already did this. Why not pkgsrc? ;-)

> Then even after ALL packages are converted to DESTDIR ready, how to
> detect conflicts of files created at post-install stage dynamically?
1) post-install stage should NOT create new conflicts.
   This task is manual just like marking packages as conflicting.
2) I didn't claim CONFLICTS can always be detected automatically.
   I wrote a tool for detecting conflicts in PLISTs only.

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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